October Program


This is our program for October:

All Events will happen At Tagtigall Herrfurtstr 6a


06.10: Shibari Workshop – Head Cage


We will show you the head cage. it’s one of my favorites. after that there is time to practise.

18:05 Doors Open
18:15 Bondage Workshop starts


8.10 Bondage Triangle #2


13:00 Doors Open
13:15 Energizer Warmup
14:00 Bondage Triangle

Meet the Joker!
We gonna add a new role to the session. So in addition to the model and the rigger we will have the joker role. The joker is playful and supports the rigger. Every role will get a task to help you fokus and understand the different perspectives of shibari.

You can come and go at any time


13.10 Shibari practice jam


Open Space to meet prctise and play.

18:05 Doors Open
18:15 Bondage Jam starts


20.10 Shibari Workshop – Connection and Movement #2


We will lean how to move, tease and play with our partner. Through excercises we fokus on sensual shibari and intimate connection. This workshop is suitable for newcomers and also for experienced riggers.

18:05 Doors Open
18:15 Bondage Workshop starts


22.10 Bondage Jam


Open Space to meet, practise and play.

14:00 Doors Open



27.10 Shibari Workshop – Bondage for Sex


This time we focus on patterns and techniques especially for having sex. We won’t have sex at the workshop but feel free to use your new knowlegde after;)

18:05 Doors Open
18:15 Bondage Workshop starts
See you soon.